Classic margarita

classic margarita

One of the most juicy and simple cocktail recipes is the margarita. The preparation is really simple and the result is drunk as fast as it was prepared. But be careful the soft taste covers the high amount of hard alcohol (~30%)

An essential part of it is the typical salt bezel that should be set up one day before. Moisten the bezel with a slice of a lime or lemon. Then place it headfirst in a plate that is covered with salt. If you are thirsty or got spontaneous visit, just place it for several minutes in your oven (not to long and not to hot, otherwise you have to cool it down)

Now the fun part begin (recipe for 3-4 drinks):

  • 200 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (depending on lusciousness 3-6 lemons)
  • 200 ml Tequila (silver) (please no crappy stuff…)
  • 100 ml Triple Sec/Gran Manier/Cointreau
  • sugar to taste (~1.5 table spoons)

Fill the glasses with crushed ice, add margarita from the shaker and garnish with a slice of lime.